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March 7, 2011
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Update!  I extended one of the scenes, and added more detail in certain areas.

Warning: this is a femslash fic based in the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" universe, so if you don't like this kind of stuff, just bear in mind that you don't have to read it.  That is all.


Sewing the Red Thread of Fate
By The Lovely Penguin

Chapter 1: A Labor of Love

Rarity paced around her workshop, deep in thought.  Sure, there were dresses she was supposed to be making, but she couldn't concentrate on any of them right now; they weren't due anytime too soon anyway.  It bugged the designer to leave so many projects unfinished, but there were more pressing matters to attend to at the moment.  "Oh Fluttershy, how do I even go about asking you?  You'd run away the instant you found out."  The white unicorn was actually glad that her friend wasn't there to hear that; the situation was delicate, and Rarity wanted to break the news to the pegasus pony in just the right way.  After that show Rarity had put on of dreaming about the perfect marriage with Celestia's nephew –of course she had made the whole thing up: Luna most likely didn't have any children- how could she go about admitting something like this?

It kind of hurt her pride thinking about it, but she had already resolved to live with the consequences.  She was sure most of her friends would still stay by her, but…what about Fluttershy?  Would she accept?  Would she even stay her friend after a proposal like that?  She knew the pegasus was awfully shy (as the name suggested, amusingly), but could Rarity help it if she liked her?  And being the hopeless romantic that she was, she couldn't stand seeing her friend every day without telling her what her true feelings were.  

Fluttershy was just so attractive: her lovely yellow coat, her delicate pink hair, those shimmering turquoise eyes…  Of course, Rarity liked the other mare for more than just her good looks: she was fair, graceful, kind –more than just a little, given she was the Embodiment of Kindness-, and she shared her affinity for dresses…she was quite ladylike, actually (when she wasn't panicking at least).  Every time Rarity saw the pegasus she felt a pang in her heart at the romance that could be, but most likely wouldn't.  

Not unless she took action. "Idea~!" the dressmaker sang out as inspiration struck.  "I'll make her a new gown!  Something from the heart.  Something ravishing, perhaps with…yes…ooh, yes!"  She'd work out the exact details on how to admit her love to Fluttershy later; this dress would be a start, though.  She quickly set to work gathering the needed supplies and assembling the garment, being careful to select fabrics with just the right color and texture to suit Fluttershy's form.  Rarity's best materials weren't spared as she worked late into the night to make sure everything was perfect.

*   *   *

"Hello, Rarity.  You said you wanted to see me?"  The yellow pegasus with flowing pink hair smiled as she greeted her friend, looking a bit inquisitive as well.  She was rather soft-spoken and looked almost fragile, but Rarity liked that about her.  She was delicate and graceful.

"Fluttershy!  Welcome.  Yes, please do come in."  Rarity led her guest inside and shut the door.  She wished she had time to look more presentable, especially to Fluttershy, but truth be told the unicorn had just woken up.  She tried not to seem tired.  "Shall we head towards the fitting area?  I've made a lovely new dress for you that I think you'll find simply smashing!"  

"A- a new dress?  But didn't you just make me one for the Grand Galloping Gala?"  She seemed confused, maybe a bit nervous now, but she looked cute when she was that way.

"Ohoho, yes, but I don't need an excuse to make more dresses for my friends!  The idea simply came to me and I couldn't just waste it.  Now, try this on and tell me what you think.  Don't be shy!  The sizes should be right since I just measured you not too long ago."  Having reached the fitting room Rarity magically levitated the dress she made and handed it to her friend.   "I'll be waiting~."


After a minute or two Fluttershy timidly emerged in her new outfit.  It was blue and green -to accentuate her lovely turquoise eyes- with a white hem adorned with aquamarines; the whole thing cut off a little below her cutie mark.  You've really outdone yourself this time!  Rarity thought to herself.

"Oh, Rarity, it's beautiful!"  Fluttershy gushed, her face beaming, "It matches my coat so well, and the stitching is excellent!  Plus, the material is really, really comfortable."

Fluttershy indeed looked quite fetching in the garment, if Rarity did say so herself.  "Darling, I'm glad you like it so much."  She beamed.

"Like it?  I love it!"  In a fit of courage the yellow pegasus rushed over to Rarity and planted her lips firmly on the unicorn's.

Rarity's eyes widened in shock, but then she kissed back, blushing.  This was indeed a pleasant surprise.  Rarity could feel the other pony's long and soft pink hair touching her face, her tongue playing over hers, probing into her mouth.  Rarity responded with her own tongue, feeling a tingling sensation between her legs—

"I-I'm not sure about this, Rarity."

Rarity snapped back to reality.

"I don't know, this one kinda seems more revealing than some of your other designs."  Fluttershy eyed her new garment nervously, a frown forming.  

"What?  Nonsense!  If you've got it, flaunt it, dearie!"  Rarity quickly responded after her initial confusion, trying not to be nervous, herself.  Fluttershy had to like it!

"I- I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing something this short in public, though…"

"It's not like you were wearing anything before."

"Bu-but…this seems to emphasize my-"

"Besides, interrupted Rarity as she gazed at her friend idly," I think you look absolutely beautiful in it!"  Realizing what she just said, Rarity quickly added, "Imagine all the eyes you'll turn."

"I don't really want that much attention…"

"Don't be silly!  Besides, if you really don't like it, I'll take it back, no trouble at all."

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try something new just for a little bit, but…I still don't see why you made a second dress just for me.  I mean, what about the others?"

How was Rarity going to explain this?  Should she really just tell Fluttershy how she felt right there and then?  She looked at her friend again: the dress did accentuate her legs and flank, showing them off nicely (it was closer to a skirt, really).  Her flowing silky pink hair cutely framed her shy face.  Those beautiful sea-green eyes shook slightly, looking at her.  She felt she could get lost in them…


"Oh, uh…"  She had to tell her.  She couldn't suffer in silence any longer.  "Consider it a gift, then...I just couldn't bear to see my favorite pegasus without something decent to wear for casual attire."

"Favorite…pegasus?"  Fluttershy looked at her quizzically now.

"Well…"  Rarity's heart was pounding loudly.  It was now or never.  If she did this, there was no going back.  "Fluttershy, this isn't easy for me to say, but…I like you."

"Well, I like you too, Rarity…I like all of my friends.  They're nice."

Rarity bit her lip.  "No, I mean I think you're cute."

"Cute?  As…as in…Wait, you l-like me…r-romantically?"

Rarity couldn't do anything else but weakly smile and nod.

As the realization hit Fluttershy, the pegasus looked shocked, hurt, and confused.  She just stood where she was for a minute, unsure of what to say and simply squeaking meekly.  Tears formed in her eyes and she ran, barreling out of the studio.

"Fluttershy, come back!"  Rarity started to chase after her friend but thought better of it before face-hoofing.  "Oh, I knew I shouldn't have told her yet!" she said with frustration and despair in her voice, "This is exactly what I was afraid would happen."  The unicorn fell back on her haunches and hung her head, tears starting to build up in her own eyes as the fantasy she had imagined came crashing down around her.

*   *   *

Rarity stumbled out of bed feeling terrible.  She had spent the whole night doing little more than crying and imagining how she had made Fluttershy feel.  Her mane was a mess, and her eyes were red and puffy.  The tear stains plus the lack of sleep for the second day in a row certainly weren't doing anything for her complexion, either.  How could it be noon already?  Thank Celestia it was a Sunday.  She groggily thought this to herself as she slowly went about her daily routine.

A little while later the unicorn pony looked much more presentable, albeit still a bit worn.  Sure she was looking better, but she was certain she wouldn't be making any dresses for a while.  Rarity decided to collect yesterday's mail and see where she'd go from there.  "Bill…bill…junk mail…muffin…junk mail…What's this?"  Amongst all the plain white envelopes was one that stood out: it was pink, and didn't have any addresses or postage: there was simply her name written in large, fancy, glittery letters.

Her initial suspicions were confirmed upon reading the first couple of lines of the letter.  She had seen love letters before, and this one had all the signs.  She read the whole thing:

Dear Rarity, ever since I first met you I knew there was something special about you.  Your eye for detail, your natural talent for making dresses…I never realized it before, but there's just something so attractive about it.  I guess this isn't something you'd be expecting from me, especially since we're such close friends but…I like you, and more than just as a friend. I appreciate how generous you are to all of us, especially me.  I cherish all the time we've spent together, and I'd like to spend more.  I think you're elegant and beautiful.

Rarity paused.  It was from Fluttershy!  She had run off when she was unsure of how to respond, but after she was able to collect her thoughts better, she could say how she actually felt!  The unicorn quickly read on:

I'm sorry this all seems so abrupt, but I've been holding these feelings inside for so long, and I only now feel I can let them all out.  Please don't be judgmental.  I know you've said you want to marry a dreamy stallion, but I'd like you to give us a chance. Even if things don't work out…I hope we can at least stay friends.  I just wanted to clear the air and let you know how I truly feel.

Love, Twilight Sparkle


To be continued...
Update: I added some more content; let me know what you think.

Part 1: [You are here]

Part 2 can be found here: [link]

Part 3 (old version) can be found here: [link]

This is my first MLP: FiM fanfic, so critique is welcome. How was it written? Were the characters portrayed accurately? I'd appreciate input.

Story C me; characters and universe C :iconfyre-flye:

Big thanks to :iconc4tspajamas: for letting me use her pic as my preview image (original can be found here: [link]).
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ludorfaustin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
Wow that last part was like a bitch slap to the face, I literally winced, but MAN does it make me want to continue reading!!.........well played.
thelovelypenguin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
Heehee, thanks! Yeah, I had a lotta fun writing that part.
crazyseandx Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
I liek :iconderpyhoovesplz:

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thelovelypenguin Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
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Oh, don't worry. I should have the new version of part 3 done fairly soon. Progress has been slow, but I'm picking up speed again.
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For some reason, I just cannot realistically imagine Fluttershy running over to plant a wet kiss on Rarity, tongue and all. So out of character.
thelovelypenguin Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Did you read past that part? A few sentences later it's revealed that that's a daydream Rarity is having.
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